The Teddy Bear Line

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News Archive -  2021

This page covers a selection of the historical news articles issued by the Teddies in 2021.

January 2021  

Lockdown has allowed for time to build and paint models. As well as working on the windmill, we have now designed and completed the Market Cross for the village Square.

The Windmill model was planned and started (using resin) about 2-3 years ago. Plans were shelved for a while, in order to complete other models as well as track changes.

Work on the model started again over the Christmas break. Using a combination of the original resin parts and extra 3D printed sections, the building is progressing.

An walk to a local real windmill took place, so we could examine the way the sails are put together in order to continue the design process.

Snow at the end of January caused a stoppage on the line.

The snowplough was deemed not to be capable of shifting this quantity of snow!

February 2021

The Windmill model is about complete, just a little tidying to do and a motor to fit so the sails can turn.

We even found a printable “Windy Miller” to join the farm family who will be looking after the mill.

The line had another “dusting” of snow and cold weather in February, following the heavy coverage in January.

First clearance attempts with the snow plough were unsuccessful due to ice on the line.  Later attempts were more successful. Karen was able to steam around the track for a short time as the snow fell.

The teddies complained about damp fur and snowflakes on their noses.

March 2021

The village shop now has a nice new 3D printed Model T Ford delivery van.

The windmill was also finally installed with lights and motor control to turn the sails.

April 2021

There is now another vehicle in the village.

A 3D printed Model T Ford breakdown truck has been added to our collection.

May 2021

The Teddies are pleased to announce the arrival of Gungadin to the line.

They are happy as she matches their coaches and trucks!

June 2021

The Teddies  (or their art and craft assistants)  have been hard at work.

The background to Walldale Station has now been exchanged for a full width version.

The panels were cut to shape and painted in sections under the car port.

Advice was gratefully received from a local Art Workshop Teacher and a group of friends.

July 2021

The remaining grass has now been laid in the village and all is complete, along with a flight of steps leading to the church.

A space has been arranged for the position of the Garage which is under construction.

August 2021

The “Cable Repair Team” Bears were called out when there was a power failure in the village.

Investigative work proved that there had been a small amount of “rodent trouble”. It was suspected to have chewed the supply cable around the area of the castle.  

A replacement cable was laid and the lights are now back on.

September 2021

The Garage is stuck together and ready to paint.  It was tested in place beside the village square.

The Teddies also announced the new video for 2021.

October 2021

The garage is now finished, painted and put in place.

Work has also been in progress to renew the castle floodlighting. More work will follow to improve or add lights to other buildings.

November 2021

Poppy wreaths were laid around the War Memorial to remember the Fallen.

Some new village residents joined a number of  others for the ceremonies in the village square.

December 2021

The Teddies would like to wish all their followers a very merry Christmas!

The Christmas decorations and Nativity scene are in the square and the first Christmas steam train was out on the tracks.

Earlier December news… The Teddies were hoping that snow at the very end of November might mean they would have a white Christmas - trains in the snow!  It did look pretty at night in the lights - almost worthy of a Christmas card!