The Teddy Bear Line

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Recent news items

This page covers some of the recent news articles that were issued by the Teddies during 2021.

January 2021

Lockdown has allowed for time to build and paint models. As well as working on the windmill, we have now designed and completed the Market Cross for the village Square.

The Windmill model was planned and started (using resin) about 2-3 years ago. Plans were shelved for a while, in order to complete other models as well as track changes.

Work on the model started again over the Christmas break. Using a combination of the original resin parts and extra 3D printed sections, the building is progressing.

An walk to a local real windmill took place, so we could examine the way the sails are put together in order to continue the design process.

Snow at the end of January caused a stoppage on the line.

The snowplough was deemed not to be capable of shifting this quantity of snow!