The Teddy Bear Line

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News Archive -  2016 & 2017

This page covers a selection of the historical news articles issued by the Teddies in 2016 and 2017. These are in chronological order.

January 2016

The signal box is installed.

March 2016

The bears help to install the castle towers.

July 2016

The bears are ready to welcome visitors to the Open Gardens.

August 2016

The bears celebrate Karen’s birthday!

October 2016

Patch learning about Digital Control.

December 2016

Patch and Lady Winter open the new bridge.

February 2017

Kipling shows off his new steam engine - Fowler, made by Roundhouse and collected from “Glendale Junction”.

January 2017

Snow and ice on the line.

July 2017

Winslow tests his painting skills on the shop model.

August 2017

The “Tiger who came to Tea”. He was visiting, so came to review the railway.

October 2017

New toy - a 3D printer which came in kit form. Time to experiment and see what models can be made for the railway.

November 2017

3D printed gate for the church. Better than making moulds!

December 2017

Trains stopped due to weather conditions - heavy snow on the line.

The Snow-plough had to do its work once the thaw  began.

December 2017

Santa Bears in the snow after Christmas.