The Teddy Bear Line

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News Archive -  2019

This page covers a selection of the historical news articles issued by the Teddies in 2019.

April 2019

The old pond has been filled in and the church moved to its temporary position.

Preparations now begin so that a deck can be installed in front of the conservatory.

May 2019

At Easter and the start of May a complete overhaul of Alyn Central Station took place.

Lights have now been installed on the station and bridge.

The Bears now think they should be able to travel at night.

January 2019

The Bears are pleased with their new Tanker trucks. They are expanding the rolling stock in order to include freight trains as well as passenger services.

December 19  

The Teddies sent out Christmas Greetings.

February 2019

Snow on the first day of February temporarily closed the line. However, the snow was soon cleared enough to run a steam train the following day.

November 2019   New Bear

The Teddies would like to welcome Tess to the Teddy Bear Line.

In her sparkly dress, she looks to be ready for a party!

October 2019

The new video from 2019 can now be found on the video pages.  

August 2019  New truck

The Teddies have bought a new truck.

The long flatbed truck is being tested out on the line.

August & September 2019  Making a new video

As there have been lots of changes on the railway over the past year, the Teddies are in the process of making a new video.

Filming has commenced. All that is needed is a fine day!

The film can then be edited.

February 2019

February is nearly over and the new pond is finished.

The bears pointed out that the fish had gone and the water was getting lower in the old one!

March 2019

The track has now been diverted to allow for work to be done on the pond area.

The Teddies were pleased to see a working track again after a couple of days of construction.

July 2019  Testing the new deck

The completed deck in the July sunshine.

The deck with flower bed and shrubs added.

Time to survey the railway.