The Teddy Bear Line

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News Archive -  2022

This page covers a selection of the historical news articles issued by the Teddies in 2022.

January 2022  

There was little activity or change this month. The Teddies wished everyone happy new year and announce that design work was in progress.

February 2022

February has been a quiet month on the railway with very few outings.  Several days of wind or rain conspired to keep the Teddies indoors!

Storm Eunice was not welcome! Most of the passengers and villagers retreated indoors to wait for the moment they could return to normal.

Fortunately there was no damage. A few buildings moved slightly through the force of the wind.

March 2022

Following the storms and wind the Teddies have finally ventured back out.

Work was completed on the “sculpture” park which features a special sundial, gifted by the family celebrating the Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

April 2022

The Teddies were unhappy during the Easter weekend. They complained about the stoppages due to Easter Engineering Works…

However, the result was an improvement to the track around the station. The addition of extra points created a new way out onto the main line at the end of the platform, as well as an extra siding.