The Teddy Bear Line

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News Archive -  2020

This page covers a selection of the historical news articles issued by the Teddies in 2020.

July 2020

The changes to the track continue.

The lawn edge was cut back ready to install the support for the track down to the pond and some landscaping has begun.

The bridge has been modified and the loop around the village area now constructed.

The local blackbird has been enjoying dinner, finding bugs in the earth that was moved.

Other progress includes sprucing up the buildings and the people. The church has been renovated and work on the shop is in progress. The pub will be next.

See Development of the Line page for more information.

January 2020

The Teddies have been out in the garden doing measurements.

They are considering the new changes to the track plan ready for work to begin on Phase 8.

February 2020

Storm Dennis caused the teddies to set up home in the study with a test track.

While the storm blew a gale and blasted the garden railway with rain, they tested a piece of railway control software on their Apple Crumble…  (or is it a Raspberry PI!!).

When they get it to work, they are hoping to run a more automated train service.

Early March 2020

The storms throughout February meant very few running days for the railway.

The beginning of March came with the end of Storm Jorge.

The Teddies managed a short ride at the end of February when it snowed early one morning. They now hope things will improve for them as March progresses.

Two steam trains out in the snow!  Karen cleared the line with the snowplough. Following that, Fowler came out for a run.

December 2020

Lighting in the village is improving as some of the buildings have been illuminated. The villagers installed a Christmas tree in the square and have even found a “life sized” Nativity scene.

The Teddies now have a full train in their livery including 3 coaches. They insisted they needed a pre-Christmas Santa Special with that and a steam engine.

Late March 2020

Spring is here and the Teddies are looking forward to some better weather so they can play outside.

They hope all their human friends keep well and stay safe with the onslaught of this new virus.

Looking on the bright side, having their human friends trapped in their house, does at least increase the opportunities to play trains in the garden.

November 2020

Renovation of the pub was completed and a War Memorial installed in the Village Square in time for Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

April 2020

The Teddies are happy that they have had plenty of time to be out in the Spring sunshine. Working from home means that they get out on the line earlier in the day.

They would like to announce the purchase of a couple of extra trucks to increase the size of the Good Trains.

A bear on an outing to the woods

October 2020

During October the TBL production line worked hard to produce a new coach for the line.

3D printed parts were put together along with wheels and couplings.  The coach was then painted in the TBL colours to match the other rolling stock.

Testing went well and the teddies were very pleased.

On 8th May the bears helped to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day.

May 2020

The Teddies have a nice new truck on the line. This one was home made, 3D printed (top and chassis) then painted.

Having tested one, they are now ordering a fleet (or whatever the collective name is for a number of trucks).

Later in the month they gained a second truck and a Brake Wagon to match.

Some boards and roofing felt were laid to create a village square and places for the shop and pub.

Grass is being put around the edge of this.

September 2020

By the end of August landscaping work for the village had begun. The first task was to decide where the buildings would go.

Earth was put down and a hill created. It was then shaped to include a track down the side and a small plateau for the church to stand on.

August 2020

Changes to the track layout are now complete.  August had started with track laying to be done. This was completed on 8th August and two trains ran on the lines.

Buildings and scenery have been renovated. The bears assisted with bridge painting and managed to stay clean.

The pub will be next to be cleaned and repainted. Next, the area needs to be landscaped in order to set out the village and see what new buildings might be needed.

See Development of the Line page for more information.

June 2020

The Teddies were a bit unhappy when someone dug up their track!   They cheered up when told that this was for line improvements and extension.

Unfortunately the early work had to stop. “Rain stopped play” or rather thunder, lightning and hail!

The lines were restored with a temporary link (a mini bridge). This link can be removed later when the line is extended round the pond.

To tidy up the area, the buildings have been put in place on some pretend grass.

Result - Happy Teddies!