The Teddy Bear Line

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Phase 7

April / May 2019

Views of the final version of the planplan, the layout and garden following the filling in of the pond.

Phase 7 - first plan

Temporary version of the Phase 7 plan, showing the old and new ponds and the intended diversion of the track.

The final version is also shown on this page

At the beginning of 2019, the new pond had been installed. Landscaping was still to be completed.

March 2019

By the end of March,  the line diversion was complete and the buildings moved, ready to remove the old pond liner and stones.

This picture shows the new layout while work was still in progress mid March 2019.

July 2019

The completed new deck.

At this point phase 7 was declared complete in order to relax on the deck and contemplate the next phase.